Historia Dezainab Uncategorized Historical Fiction: A Closer Look into the Past

Historical Fiction: A Closer Look into the Past

Virtual Book Tours for Historical Fiction

Virtual Book Tours (also called book blog tours) help authors promote their new and/or previously published books by placing them in front of readers & reviewers across the internet. They last 7-14 days and include reviews, interviews & guest posts.

Historical Fiction is set in a real place during a culturally recognizable time period. Authors are allowed to take artistic license, but characters should fit the era.


When writing historical fiction, it is important for the author to take history into account. It is also important to make the story believable. This means not overwhelming the reader with too much research or block of history that does not fit into the plot.

Readers want to be immersed in the time period but not bludgeoned with details about how handmade soap was made or the way food was cooked over open fires. If something is not true to history, it should be omitted rather than causing the reader to doubt whether or not the book is factual.

A virtual book tour is an excellent way to get your book in front of readers and fans on a regular basis without the time commitment of daily stops. Many authors have added fun elements to their digital events such as a virtual happy hour and an interactive discussion with fans.

Historical Adventure

Historical Fiction is a broad genre that includes narratives set in past eras with real-life historical events driving the storyline. It also includes novels that feature a historical character or period such as Mary Shelley’s Valperga (1823) or James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales featuring the Native American warriors, Chingachgook and Uncas from the popular Last of the Mohicans (1934).

Historical fantasy is another subgenre within historical fiction that features otherworldly elements while retaining a historically realistic backdrop. Authors are allowed some artistic license when writing historical fiction, but readers demand accuracy and authenticity when it comes to everyday details such as clothing and language as well as bigger events and figures of history. These are important points to consider when planning and researching your book.

Historical Fantasy

The Historical Fantasy genre allows authors to take artistic license with the past. However, the story must still be set in a real place and time that is culturally recognizable to readers. The characters should look and act as though they live in that era. The best of these works have been researched down to every scent, button and turn of phrase.

Authors like educational writer Ruta Sepetys host virtual book club gatherings that offer behind-the-scenes insights and recipes for their work. Some even provide an interactive discussion guide for fans to download and print for the event.

Historical Mysteries & Thrillers

Many historical fiction authors have partnered with fellow writers for virtual book tour events. When done correctly, this genre melding can produce an enthralling, unputdownable book.

Thrillers and mysteries are an exciting addition to the historical fiction genre. They allow readers to enjoy the thrill of solving a mystery while also being transported into another time period. It’s like getting two books for the price of one.

This is a great way to attract a new audience to your book. It’s also a fun way to show your appreciation for your fans. For example, science writer Amy Shira Teitel posted a series of digital meet-and-greet videos on YouTube to thank her followers for their support. These videos were also a part of her virtual book tour.

Historical Fiction

The key to this genre is that it is set in a real place during a culturally recognizable time. The events, characters and actions can be either pure fiction or based on actual people (or both).

Some authors take artistic license to change aspects of the past, but most do a lot of research to get it as close as possible to reality. For example, Mary Shelley jumped on the Historical Fiction bandwagon with Valperga (1823), a novel about a 14th-century despot conquering Florence to win the love of a countess.

Then there are books that focus on a specific group of people, such as the five Leatherstocking Tales by James Fenimore Cooper which follow the adventures of Natty Bumppo and Chingachgook during the French and Indian War.

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7 Essential Elements of Historical Fiction You Can’t Put Down7 Essential Elements of Historical Fiction You Can’t Put Down

7 Essential Elements of Historical Fiction You Can’t Put Down

In a well written work of historical fiction, readers can transcend into a different time. The seven essential elements of historical fiction are character, dialogue, setting, theme, conflict and world building.

Readers are drawn to stories that make history feel relevant to their lives today. From a sweeping tale of 12th century England to the struggles of civil rights in the 1960s.

1. The Four Winds

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale and Great Alone, this is an epic novel of hope and heroism set against the ravages of the Dust Bowl. It tells the tale of Elsa Martinelli, a devoted mother who must choose between fighting for her land and her family or moving west to California for work and hope.

Kristin Hannah masterfully creates the heart-wrenching atmosphere of the times: dust storms so thick you can’t see across your yard, and families packing up to move west in desperation.

2. Loyalty

Historical fiction can be an amazing way to explore themes like family, war, purpose, and loyalty. But how do you immerse your readers in the setting of your novel?

Sometimes cultural norms hinder protagonists from fulfilling their ambitions or claiming agency. How do the characters in Loyalty overcome these obstacles? What are the important scenes that shaped their journeys?

3. The House at the End of the Road

Three cousins visiting their grandmother discover an old house at the end of the road. They’re afraid it’s haunted but then they meet Mr. Peterson and learn to love his house full of odd things.

A dazzlingly kaleidoscopic portrait of Harlem. This page-turning novel explores the wounds of progress, the sacrifices of love, and the difficulty of defining home. A must-read.

4. The Last King of Scotland

Despite being fictional, The Last King of Scotland draws on real-life events to create an engaging story that will leave you wondering. It also highlights the dangers of unchecked power.

Foden presents Garrigan’s memoirs from his cottage in Scotland, and he sometimes interjects what he is thinking into the narrative. This helps the reader to see how the terrible events he describes could be seen from different perspectives.

5. The English Patient

The English Patient focuses on the convergent lives of four dissimilar people at an abandoned Italian villa during World War II. The novel examines themes of nationhood and identity in its characters.

The book’s narrative structure resists a traditional chronological order and uses multiple voices to present the story. Its collage-like structure mirrors the way the eponymous patient pieced together his history through personal anecdotes and the writings of other authors.

6. The Last of the Mohicans

Despite its cartoon characters, sentimentality, and view of Native American culture that would be considered racist by modern standards, this is a pretty good adventure yarn. The writing is absorbing and the story moves along quickly.

The Last of the Mohicans focuses on two societies forced into contact in the 1757 French and Indian War. The sisters Cora and Alice Munro are accompanied by Natty Bumppo (Hawk-eye), a white woodsman, and his two loyal Mohican companions, Chingachgook and Uncas.

7. The Underground Railroad

From prize-winning author Colson Whitehead, this gritty literary historical fiction thrills. As kinetic as it is profound, it depicts the terrifying experiences of Cora and Caesar in their bid for freedom from the brutal antebellum South.

Whitehead rewrote history, transforming the metaphorical Underground Railroad (the network of black and white abolitionists who ferried runaway slaves, famously led by Harriet Tubman) into an actual train. This blurs the line between history and magic realism, but the result is compelling.

8. The Odyssey

This ancient Greek epic by Homer is a masterpiece of storytelling. It’s about different social structures, including a father-son relationship and the conflict between Penelope’s suitors and Odysseus.

It follows the king of Ithaca, Odysseus, on his long return home after the ten-year war at Troy. The story is told through a series of conversations and speeches. Odysseus’ adventures take place over a long time, which gives the reader a deeper understanding of human nature.

9. The Last King of Scotland

In this book, Neema Shah re-creates the world of Ugandan Asian immigrants who escaped persecution for a new life in Britain. It is a luminous, heartbreaking story.

When Ross Poldark returns home from the American Civil War, his joy is short-lived in this captivating period drama. This series features powerful performances from the likes of Forest Whitaker and Timothy Spall. This gripping historical fiction has been called a “stunning achievement”.

10. The House at the End of the Road

A sweeping family saga set in a time of changing politics and shifting alliances.

Meet Phillipe Charboneau, the illegitimate son and unrecognized heir of the Duke of Kentland. He leaves his homeland in search of the New World, where he is forced to question his identity and his allegiances. This gripping novel brings 17th century England to life.

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